Exchanging stories connects people to each other. Differences in culture, religion, lifestyle or sometimes even just in age, often lead to misunderstanding, indifference or aversion. When share your life stories, and listen to the stories of other people, something wonderful happens. There is recognition, you see the similarities. And the differences, they will be easier to understand.

360 Stories brings people together and opens conversations on topics that do not often come to the table. Because they are sensitive, or because they are so commonplace that you forget. Creator Wilma Mulder and her team organise 360 Stories cafes within different places; in institutions for the elderly, homeless shelters, in addiction care institutions, jail, at schools, community centers …. Our mission is to share personal stories from people of diverse backgrounds and so create more understanding and respect for each other.



A good story, a real story, inspires. People who hear each other’s stories, understand each other better. And by telling stories you often also understand yourself better.

Share your similarities, respect each other’s differences.