360 STORIES café in Hamburg!

360 STORIES café in Hamburg!
14 mei 2018 Wilma Mulder

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360 Stories is een bordspel gemaakt door uitgeverij TALESWAPPER. Wij ontwikkelen producten en organiseren evenementen die mensen wereldwijd met elkaar verbinden.

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We shared stories in Hamburg! With a small, but very enthousiastic group of people we played the 360 STORIES boardgame at Lazare Studio in Hamburg. Most people had never met before, but as usual the boardgame made it very easy to share a wide variety of memories.

Roman told us about the interest he took in chemistry at the age of 14. The search he and his friend undertook to find things like fertilizer, copper sulphate and other components was hilarious and also a litlle bit upsetting to hear, I mean, it could have gone wrong… We’re all very happy that Romans homemade missiles took off quite nice and left everybody intact.

Anna, our co-host in Hamburg, took us on a fantastic time travelling trip, not only to her childhood in a small village near Berlin, but way back to the time her great grandparents were young and made a living as farmers. Their lovestory was quite romantic too! And best of all, Anna still has the voicerecordings her father made. A real treasure.

Angela shared her love for music, and how she taught herself to play the guitar when she was a young girl. She played and sang in a band and now, years later, she started to learn how to drum. You rock, lady! Angela also shared another music related story, about the Wacken festival. This is an annual heavy metal festival and most visitors have a bit of a rough appearance. Yet the athmosphere of friendliness and helpfullness at the festival is widly praised and was documented in the film Full Metal Village.

Kristina told us work related stories. She shared how upsetting it was for her to move from a lovely green area to a small flat in Hamburg, where she started her career as a software developer. Now, years later, she happily lives in Hamburg (in a bigger appartment) and works as an independent software developer. To keep up to date she’s now studying business agility which is a very interesting an promising approach of work and leadership, yet, as our little group concluded, can only truly work when people dare to leave hierarchical positions and start to interact on a level of equality and trust.

My husband Remco can still surprise me with new stories or new details so I loved hearing him tell a tale about his dad, who was a baker and worked mostly in the evening and at night. For quite a long time the family lived above the bakery, so Remco had the chance to be with his dad while he was working. They often made little dough puppets that would be freshly baked in the morning. And of course there was an endless supply of sweet stuff and nuts, like a real candyland.

I think it was very appropriate that when it was my turn to share a story, the board dictated that it should be about the plans and hopes I have for the future. This meeting in Hamburg was the first 360 STORIES café that I organized abroad, using MEETUP to hook up with new people. And although this start was modest in attendees; the fun we had and the easy way we can share personal stories with total strangers in an international setting, made me very enthousiastic about organizing more international 360 STORIES cafés.

So… in a few weeks my family and I are in Italy… a lovely chance to share stories in Venice! If you’d like to join one of the upcoming events, please join the MEETUP group!

Love, Wilma Mulder

PS: would you like to buy a 360 STORIES game? You can order online or contact Anna Momber-Heers, she has both the English and German version of the game.

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